Zaytoun, the little refugee

is a videogame composed of several parts, and chapters covering particular themes through the eyes, words, and stories, of those involved in a struggle

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the first part with which we begin with is the Palestinian Refugees Part, each part having several chapters incorporated in it. with this project we intend to appropriate ourselves of an unconventional means of expression for the demands of the people: a videogame that speaks of the right to self-determination, to autonomy, to land, and time where to carry out our lives in line with our hearts´ desires. the content of every chapter is produced by the people themselves who are experiencing the realities that the chapter displays; where the script of the first series of chapters is guided by people resisting the massacres in Syria happening right now, where the content of the chapters on the Saharawi people are also drawn by Saharawi people themselves, and so on… we hope this to be a beginning of a rich and durable process of mutual support, collective learning and creation in this much confusing world of ours

if you´d like your voice, drawings, music, perceptions, ideas, opinions, feelings, hopes, frustrations to be a part of the content of this webpage, the content of a chapter, or to start your own chapter in collaboration with us,  please send your piece to zaytoun,


In Syria: the purpose of the project is to gain an understanding of the situation of palestinian refugees who are now joined by exiled syrians. our intention is to inform on the basic lines of the conflict at play, the major players, the interests that lay behind each of their positions, the history of the people´s whose lives are being affected, violently interjected, and the causes that are being fought; to reveal part of the complexity of the struggle taking place recognizing that it goes far beyond the traditional labels of the old order: imperialists vs. freedom fighters. For too long have dictators legitimized their tyranny based on outside threats of oppression, imperialist forces threatening to take over the destiny of a people´s history, but, What good is their protection if it is offered on condition that the people surrender that same freedom the Authority claims to be protecting? examples of this kind of hypocrisy can be seen all over the world, and is in no way limited to countries of the Arab World or  those of the so called Third World.

Chapter 0: Zaytoun wakes in the Void

Description: present some of the important happenings at the beginning of the Syrian revolution, introduce the character Zaytoun, and some of his family members. this chapter is shorter than others and is meant as a launching and part of the presentation of the project period. Where: Yarmouk Camp




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