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 is the group of us who have joined together in this project coming from different parts of the world offering what we know and love to do, whether it be audiovisuals, poetry, drawings, political publications, or documentation on the realities we are dedicated to portray

our thoughts

we try to work against the established order and for the creation of other ways of advancing. here, we intend to create a space of exchange of knowledge through this web, Zaytounbordertoborder, that may serve as a portal where others and ourselves share our creations and unite our energy to get farther

we, as well as those who write and speak of History, are no one, anyone, we do not intend to publish A truth but the path towards which we may find it. sick of monopolizers of information and other liars we intend to put our and others´ voices on the table, parting from the identity of those whose lives are placed on the margins, and are intended to be dominated by powerful oppressive forces. we part from the identity of the exiled, the refugees, the displaced and dispossessed believing in the strength and imperative of writing our own histories so as that no others write it for us                           we intend to build on the plurality of what we desire rejecting the discourse and processes of modernization and globalization, which we find that lead to culture-cide pertaining to a notion of intellectual hierarchy. globalization is neither anonymous, nor inevitable. it is a process that must be promoted, planned, and implemented in its various stages with much care, and the structural changes that it implies must be accompanied with a discourse that justifies its construction, in order to become assimilated by the people over which lives it becomes a part. for one, we deny the idea that there are no alternatives, and that there is only one recipe, one path, that will carry societies from hardship to conditions in line with human dignity. the discourse that claims that capitalist democracies are the only way –or even one way- to arrive to such point, is a fallacy. what this project intends is to incorporate voices and make them be heard, rejecting the monopoly over the writing of History (?), as if there were One, as if there could really exist a subject capable of assuming such a task; they say the winners are those who write history, this intends to be a grain in opposition to such a fact, or perhaps a beginning, that together with many other beginnings, arrives to a point where histories are writen without impositions… the project of zaytoun is a journey to which we would like other voices to join, zaytoun, bordertoborder is intended to be a portal of exchange and collective creation, learning, and reflection; we hope that it becomes a place of debate, of critique, of shared hopes and frustrations, a place to share our own art and that of others that we admire, a place from which to think of change –of better days… beyond the immediate and tangible, we look forward to this process being a means of expanding transnational ties along the sad barriers known as borders (every kind)

how we decide

decisions are made by consensus with limited time to voice our opinions as to avoid stalling the life of the project. when making decisions that are clearly in line with previous agreements, we advance separately. within workgroups every group determines its own ways of making decisions

how we publish

the project collaborations are published with clear indication of authorship unless anonymity is preferred, in which case, it will be specified as such. in every case where authorship is not specified it is understood that it belongs to the collective Zaytoungang.

we reserve our right to reject collaborations that we find racist, sexist, belonging to colonial thought or otherwise unfounded defamatory content.

be a part

when we say that this is an open project of collective construction, we mean it. if you are interested in joining one or more of the workgroups, or in creating your own chapter, please write to zaytounthelittlerefugee @



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