visual art

During the late 70s, the Kenyan social worker, writer, and activist, Tilji Menjo, went through the palestinian refugees camps of inside and outside of Palestine, and asked the palestinian children to write letters to God. These are some of the words they shared:

2fingers ABDUL apartheid barbedwire biggun birdsCHAT CHANGEname closedAREA coffin crime dustBIN doyouhavebombs giveLAND_back granade granade2 help hope HOTELinstead jewhospital jewpalestinian killisr killmothers laugOURSELVES massgrave menequal myhome nocameras nopainTAKE nohouse nursesoldier onlykid playAGAIN rightofreturn spies stripsearch torture whyfriendsdie whyHumanslikeTHIS worthchildlife stripsearch ropehanged


One thought on “visual art

  1. God I pray that come up for the help of your people. Fighters!!! please return to God and confess.This world is big enough to accomodate all of us.The money and infrustructure thats has been destroyed in wars all over the world is enough to cater for the world population for years.The lobour force involved in war wold work and feed the whole world. The reseach and technology spent on weapons oh my God would do İncredible things!!! God help us we are your Childen.Muslims Christians Jews Blacks Whites and every other person please work towards achieving peace.
    Superpower countries!!! Please avoid violence and give peace to the weak!!

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