PRoJecT description


border to border embraces all forms of artistic creations for political manifestation and intervention with a spirit of collective and inclusive creation

  THE VIDEOGAME: Zaytoun, the little refugee * Zaytoun Creations * Art Box * Actions * Zaytoungang * Group Mates


the videogame Zaytoun, the little refugee is composed of many chapters through which the realities of different geographical locations are meant to be exposed, exploring unconventional means of political representation and information diffusion. the content of the chapters is created by people who are telling their own story, making a push against unreliable media representation.thevideogame

zAytouN cReAtioNs includes art of different forms, written, audio and visual, as well as political articles written, composed, and created by the gang forming part of different investigation/creation teams. zaytouncreations

art BOX is an initiative to compile political art pieces from the past and now in all forms: musical, written, drawn, painted, graffitied… artbox 

actioNs are forms of political interventions and representations that are carried out publicly in order to affect social change , parting from the understanding that thinking, showing, and being present is doing we include in our actions art shows, workshops, political interventions, conversations, and political manifestations either organized by us or others who we support and support usactions

zaytounGANG is the group of us who have joined together in this project coming from different parts of the world offering what we know and love to do, whether it be audiovisuals, poetry, drawings, political publications, or documentation on the realities we are dedicated to portray. zaytoungang-be a part

groupMATES are those groups that work paralelly and in corvergence with this project adding their sets of artistic work, videogame chapters, musical creations, and political publications with their own signature. groupmates

to join us, collaborate, or for further information, please write to


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