Participate: Zaytoun Creation

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Be A Part : Join Us

each line of the project could use your help


*if your contribution is intended for inclusion in a particular chapter of Zaytoun, the little refugee, please tell us so*

1. Reports / Documents / Articles for the Research Database
2. Your Own Thoughts & Reflections: Publish with us
3. Art Box: poems, banners, sketches
4.  Shaping Zaytoun´s Story: click here
5. Creating your own chapter
6. Translations: 
In order for this project to be as open and inclusive as we want it to be, we are aiming to translate its content as much as possible. we rely on english because of its wide use throughout the world, and however are aware of the globalizing forces that come with the dominance of such a language. all of the project´s content must be translated into arabic, at the same time that translations into other languages are welcome as well. If you can help us with this, please do!
get in contact with us at: zaytounbordertoborder @ gmail . com
Want to be a part putting the project together? 

when we say collective project, we mean it. if you´d  like to work with us, tell us: zaytounthelittlerefugee @ gmail . com 

see full project description


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