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Gender, Nakbeh and Nation: Palestinian Women´s Presence and Absence in the Narration of the 1948 Memories by Rema Hammami Life Behind the Wall: Voices of Women from the Seam Zone, by WCLAC Resistance as an Indispensable Component of Development under Colonial Occupation conditions: BDS a Case Study by Omar Barghoutti Exiles in the City by William Spinos LEARNING EACH OTHER’S HISTORICAL NARRATIVE: Palestinians and Israelis Human Rights & Anti-Semitism after Gaza by Ramón Grosfoguel Los Derechos Humanos y antisemitismo después de Gaza por Ramón Grosfoguel Discourse on Colonialism by Aimé Cesaire Discurso sobre el Colonialismo por Aimé Césaire Palestinian Women´s Organizations: Global Cooption and Local Contradiction by Eileen Kuttab Palestinos de Siria, el doble exilio from The NGOization of the Women´s Movement by Islah Jad The Post Oslo Palestine and Gendering Palestinian Citizenship by Islah jad We Refugees – Giorgio Agamben نحن اللاجئون – جورجيو آغامبن Women and the Draft Constitution by WCLAC Palestinos de Siria, el doble exilio Syrian Activist in Hiding: “If we didn´t believe we will win, we couldn´t bear all this”

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