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Workshops: collective creation workshops on script writting, drawing, animation, audiovisual creations… Encounters: debates, conversations, projections, and interventions  Art Shows: interactive art exhibition


DAY of RAGE , fuck PlAn ProwEr: November 30th, 2013


more than 70,000 to be displaced, 35 villages destroyed, almost a century of colonization . . . still going. . . Plan Prawer: 1. kick out the bedouins  2. build u.s. style suburban house at … less than half the price  (easy-high way of life – the shape of their bribe for complicity in the crime) 3. to be sold… to house the westerners who come to enjoy the fruits of imperialism prawer-8 thin, slim, plasticized young pretty girl sits on a black box to sell h&m product, it´s not her, it´s the image what they want, an anxiety awakening body that plays into the objectification, a sickly conception of perfection and possession, desire-attracting imagery splashed on a poster to be hanged on city walls already invaded with much worked ways to turn somehow bullshit into something desirable… selling the sick social fabric that accompanies materialismprawer-18 as if it were composed of desirable life aspects, targeting those who might believe it all, and who then, seeking to be desired will be triggered to desire what publicity tells them they need in order to be desired, believing it all, they´ll buy it all: the sweater, the shoes, those tight slim black pants to be ripped off… prawer-21 imagination carried one far and those shoes, and pants and sweaters are bought, and a few more dollars go to the same store who is glad to do business with colonizers, to invest and take profit from the apartheid´s economy, make its wheels keep spinning… easy,  since everything the Zionist state feeds from is stolen;  stolen labor, stolen water, stolen land… they then sell it cheap to Jews who are granted all kinds of subsidies –bribes of the Zionist regime- to live in illegal settlements on the West Bank…              prawer-14

facts from:, on h&m complicity

AcciOnes: DíA de RABIA , FucK PlAn pRowEr : 30 Noviembre 2013 más de 70.000 personas desplazadas, 35 pueblos destruidos, casi un siglo de colonización… que sigue en movimiento. Plan Prawer: 1. echar a los beduinos que habitan la tierra 2. construir casas al estilo suburbios de eeeuu para ser vendidas… a mitad de precio 3. venderlas para… dar cobijo a los occidentales quienes disfrutan de los frutos del imperialismo



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